Use of Soviet Era Nostalgia in Russian media, marking 30 years since the fall of USSR

Soviet era nostalgia is a social phenomenon that can be used as a means to spread disinformation, the Debunk EU analysis showed. Creating comparison between nostalgic memories and current times, disinformation actors aim to present negative image of governments in post-Soviet countries, discredit important infrastructure projects, and enhance distrust of European Union.

Dissolution of the Soviet Union in Russian media

Dynamics of disinformation related to Soviet nostalgia, March-April 2021, DebunkEU data

Nostalgia about the Soviet Union in manipulative communication

Top 10 articles by social interactions, DebunkEU data
Top narratives by mentions, DebunkEU data
Media sources by share of articles, DebunkEU

The birth of Debunk EU was a direct response to coordinated, mostly Kremlin sponsored, disinformation and propaganda efforts in the Baltic states.